Wedding dresses fit for fun! at Let's play Bridezilla.

A unique feel-good moment for the ladies: I also want to fit a wedding dress or: I will never marry, but I want to wear one such dress!

Since april 2016 this is possible with us at a beautiful location in Marsum Friesland.

Come with your friends, sisters, mothers and grandmother or colleagues. (Minimum 3, maximum 25 people) wedding dresses fit for fun. You can choose from around 400 wedding dresses in various colors and styles. A fantastic afternoon or evening where there is professional help with finding, dressing and threading the wedding dresses. We have besides wedding dresses: hoops, veils, shoes, jewelry and various accessories to make it complete. Of course enough time to make selfies in between and we take care of a photo session at our beautiful outdoor location (provided the weather allows it).

On arrival, a cup of coffee or tea is ready and we also provide a simple snack with a glass of Bubbles in between.

We work exclusively by appointment, via our website, you can look directly in our agenda and possibly immediately schedule an appointment. We offer exclusivity, so at the time that you book is the full attention of Let's play Bridezilla for your group.


If you have any questions, you can mail me: or send a text 06 - 43542617. ©

Basic arrangement:

Wedding dresses fit for fun, reception with coffee tea and some goodies. 29.50 euro p.p.

Extensive photo session:

While fitting, you can of course take photos of and with each other.
With the extensive photo session (50 to 100 photos) you pay one time (per group) 17.50 euros and then everyone gets all the photos and videos.


Borrel & Bite: Negotiable and to book. a 9.50 pp.

Can anyone look at it:

Yes that is possible, we charge 7.50 euro pp for non-participating viewers, They also get coffee / tea and in between a bite and bubbles.